Healthy Air

Here’s a quick tip to help keep your house with fresh breathable air that won’t wake you in the night because it’s too dry. We’ve all experienced the cold weather which dries out our sinuses! I totally hate waking up to crust in my nose and then realizing my little ones will be feeling that same annoyance as they wake.

This tip was passed down to me by my lovely mama, who knows all too well about the dryness that comes with cold weather. She is a native from Finland, and yep, they experience weather that is sometimes below freezing. I am a half fin; born and raised in the Sunshine State of Florida with plenty of humidity to go around. But these last few weeks have been so cold that we have had to put our heater on in the house and, of course, that makes the air even less breathable. I went to my local household store and bought 2 air humidifiers. Unfortunately, they did nothing except leave wet rings on my tables. I thought for sure my sinuses were going to up and leave me by the next morning. But thankfully, my mom saved the day with her quick and, best of all, free advice. “Just boil a large pot of water and let it steam all morning or right after dinner.” Wow, why didn’t I think of that!  First of all, I was a little annoyed that I didn’t think of that. Here I thought I was Mrs. Clever but obviously I was only the daughter to Mrs. Clever. So I did just that and boiled some water and let it sit for a couple of hours. Thanks, Mom, for the great tip. We are grateful here at the DeBehnke house. No more crusties in the morning.

Here are a couple precautions to take into consideration, especially if you have little ones in your house.

  • Never leave the pot boiling without adult supervision.
  • Place the pot on the farthest back burner so your little ones can’t grab it and accidentally get burnt.

Other things you could do to keep your air fresh and breathable:

  • Open your house at least once a week – this will get rid of the fumes that get caught in your house after cleaning with harsh chemicals.
  • Change out your AC filters every other month. (Put a reminder on your calendar so you don’t forget.)
  • Get a diffuser and diffuse therapeutic grade essential oils into the air. Essential oils are great for cleaning the air and helping create a good atmosphere. I love to use Young Living Oils.

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