My Prayer For You

This week instead of a typical post I wanted to take the time to write a prayer for you. A prayer that inspires, encourages, heals, brings hope and so much more. Here goes. 
Lord, I love you! You are so amazing. I thank you for the women (or men) reading this prayer. I pray that they come to know you in a whole new way. A way that refreshes and inspires them. I pray that you would show them just how precious they are and how much they mean to you, literally. The more I look around the world the more I see the incredible lives you formed. Precious lives filled with destiny and passion. Lives that matter and make all the difference in the world. I thank you specifically for the woman and how you formed her. Beautiful with characteristics that make her unique and all the more herself. Kindness and grace that paired with her personality makes one incredible woman. I thank you for your faithful love that heals and mends like no other. For a light that shines even into the deepest depths of ones heart. A light that heals and restores. I pray for her future ignoring the past that tries to hold her back. I pray that she would see herself as righteous and not as a failure or not good enough. Lord, show her that she is good enough; show her that to you she is totally worth it. Worth the perfect sacrifice of Jesus, our lamb and precious Savior. Lord, fill her with joy. A joy that makes her laugh and forget about her troubles. Cover her with your mighty wings. Wrap her in your arms and hug her. Tell her she can trust you and through your Word, the scripture, show her how faithful you are. That you are not a liar. Tell her and show her that you want to heal her through Jesus. Show her that all her pain, sickness, and past insecurities were paid for on the cross — that she need not bear them anymore. I pray that she finds her call and chases the dreams that you put inside of her. I pray that she would not worry about what others think but that she would seek you through the Holy Spirit. I pray that she seeks to please you. I pray for good and faithful friends to come her way. To help encourage her and believe in her. I pray that she would be that friend too. Lord, bless her and keep her safe. Reveal to her your goodness because that is what changes us. You are a good Father — that’s just who you are. Again, I thank you for her. In Jesus’ name, Amen! 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna DeBehnke says:

    Blessed! Your prayer encouraged me ! Thank you for being bold and printing it!


    1. Nicole DeBehnke says:

      No problem! Glad you enjoyed it love.


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