Starting a Business. It is realistic?

Life’s better when you pursue your dreams and passions.  

Let’s face it — life really is better when you’re pursuing your dreams. Look around. You can see it clearly. There are so many stories and testimonies of people who took the risk of following their heart. When you pursue something within, you are happy and you do it well… (you probably don’t mind it either). Some people think this is a fairy tale so they say things like “stop dreaming and do something realistic”. But the truth is that “if there is passion then it is realistic”. Passion pushes us in ways others cannot understand or relate to, especially if it’s something that does not connect with them. Passion pushes us to grow and develop, to be creative, innovative and so many other things. If you’re having doubts just remember, someone passionate enough about “pooping correctly” turned a stool into a business and career. If someone can turn a poop stool into a million-dollar business then anything is possible and you too can pursue your passions. See Shark Tank for testimony:




Side note: Not to discourage you at all but there is a difference between “want to” and “have to”. The “want to” won’t be enough to push you if you are not disciplined, passionate or even gifted. For example, if I want to be a business owner but don’t have the PUSH within me, then that is unrealistic. You’ll see what I mean by this again in a minute. Also, you can lose the “have to” if you go about things the wrong way. So please learn from my story below. 


My Story


When I was 20 I started a t-shirt company called “I Heart Line”. I was sure this was it for me! In the beginning the business did well and it was very exhilarating. I was selling on eBay, Facebook and booths I rented at different events. Even though I had vision and a good idea, I really didn’t have passion or the “have to” I mentioned earlier. I mean, I was excited at first and remember staying up late at night making t-shirts on my dinning room table all night long. But because I wasn’t passionate, I soon lost interest and didn’t feel the “have to” any more. My first problem was I over-dreamed and over-extended myself trying to do it all on my own. The business ended up falling apart because I was inexperienced and uncommitted to long term goals among other things. Regardless, it was an incredible learning season for me that I look back upon often. It has also been something that I have been able to share with others and help them see things that they may never have thought about before.  


A Couple of Tips From Me To You


1. Don’t over dream. What I mean by this is to not do your entire dream all at once. It takes time for things to grow and develop. You’re not going to have a the final product of your future in just a couple of weeks…


2. Be patient. To have something great you need to be committed to time. I don’t mean a couple hours. I mean committed to a year or two. Don’t give up in 6 months like I did. I didn’t even give the business time to grow. I was impatient and immature and wanted an overnight idea to be incredible in a few weeks.


“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet”. Aristotle  


3. Don’t go it alone. Whether you are young or old, find someone you admire that you can bounce ideas off. And keep in mind you may not agree with everything they say but take the advice and reflect on it. Chances are they are going to help you gain perspective. Oh, and not just anyone will do! Please don’t bounce your ideas off of people who don’t have your best interest in mind.


For me things are now a little different. I have learned a lot along the years and continue to each day. Currently I am a wife, mother, worship leader, land investor, salon owner and blogger.  I am very happy and feel that I am in the right place. I do all these things because I have the “have to” in me; the passion for them. And, yes, you may be thinking marriage? You don’t need to have the “have to” for that since you’re already married. I disagree. If you want a happy, lasting marriage, then you need to have the “have to” in order to give it the attention it deserves. You choose to fall in love, be in love and fall out of love…. But that’s another soap box of mine that we will save for another time. But regarding where I am right now, it is not just the “want to” that makes these things great and enjoyable, it’s the “have to”. Like when you are the business owner of a new off the ground company and you are thinking endlessly about what you can do to make it better. For me, I’ll go and paint tiny areas in my salon that most people won’t notice…but I do because it’s important to me. Or spending hours building a blog where we pour out our heart and vision to empower and inspire other women to be great and to step out in faith. The “have to” takes over. Do what you have the “have to” for. I encourage you today to look at your dreams and passions, look at the things you make time to do and do them with all that you are! If it’s being the best mom, if it’s being the best singer, dancer, manager, author, gardener, cafe owner, student … whatever it is, do it. Because after all, “Life is better when you pursue your dreams and passions!” And please please don’t forget, “if there is passion then it is realistic.” 

With hope and love always, 

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