Here You Are

“We make a living by what we make. We make a life by what we give.”

~Winston Churchill

You know, life really is made up of what you give out of the utmost of your heart. Over the past few years this revelation has changed my perspective on the world and of people. Giving is not just a form of charity or pity, it’s a form of adding worth and value to others. I recently heard someone say that instead of walking into a room and saying “here I am”, why not walk into the room and say “here you are”. Such a great perspective.


I am a wife, mom, friend, sister, entrepreneur and like many of you, giving touches all areas of my life. I give out of my speech. Do I build others up with my words or do I make them feel stupid and worthless? I give by how I use my time. Do I value others time; do I give them my attention when we are together or am I doing my own thing. How do I give of my joy, my friendship, my character? This type of giving touches everyone in a good or bad way, but one thing is for sure, I want to give in a positive way! You get the best of others when you are willing to invest in them. Wouldn’t it be nice to see more leaders adding value to people rather than just their work?
I’ve been involved in my local church for many years and one of the most beautiful things this time of serving has taught me is to be thoughtful and aware of others. We really don’t know another person’s heart. We don’t know what has built them, how they grew up, were their parents supportive or not supportive or did they even have someone there for them? You think starting out in life there is one way of thinking. Duh, right?!?! People should just do the right thing, or people should move on and learn to let go. But, no, it isn’t that easy. Life has a way of tying ropes to us. Some are connected to moving objects that will help pull us in the right direction and some are connected to objects that pull us in the wrong direction. And then there are others that are like dead weight just holding us back to where we don’t make it anywhere.
If I’ve learned one worthwhile lesson dealing with people it is, “You cannot expect others to think the way you do”. It is just not fair. I’m in the business of changing lives for the better. I hope in reading this you will be too. Whatever your role is in this life, do it well. Walk into a room and say “here you are”. Yes, it takes more out of you but believe me it is more rewarding than you could possibly imagine. The world is filled with brokenness, suffering, and pain. Don’t be someone that uses others as stepping stones to get where you want. Take the opportunity to make a real change instead of just wishing things were different because Lord knows we all do. Like Mindy Kaling puts it, plain and simple, “Someday you will have the power to make a difference in the world, so use it well.”
My last words to you as you start or finish your day are, “What will you do to give the world the hope and love that it needs?” Be the change: even the smallest ripple can have a big effect. Life truly is made of what we give – good or bad – you choose.


With love always,


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