6 Boss Lady Tips

Here are my tips on how to be a boss at whatever you do. This works for me and helps me do what I’ve got to do with the utmost confidence.



If you know me then you know I love style! I’m 6’ tall and, yes, I still wear heels! There is something compelling about a woman who dresses classy and sophisticated and this just happens to be my thing. Remember, you can be sexy and modest at the same time 😘.


Buy nice things and take care of them. If that means dry-cleaning and polishing then so be it. Every lady should have a nice pencil skirt, a nice dress shirt, some comfortable and sexy/stylish shoes and a classy black dress.


If you want to be taken seriously then dress the part. What you wear determines a lot more than you think. Remember, dress with class. Tuck in your bra straps, make sure your undies don’t show, nothing see through and don’t reveal too much. The rest is for your spouse and them alone.



That means you’re passionate about it and the very thought brings a smile to your face. Listen, you can only fake it for so long. True fruit will bear soon enough.



Work out and eat well. No, I don’t mean never have a sweet treat again… I mean enjoy life. When you’re healthy and working out your body can function properly. This means you won’t get fatigued easily, you won’t get sick often, your skin will glow and your emotions and mind will be clear. Science has proven that if you work out for at least 20 minutes each day you will have a clearer mind. Now who doesn’t want that? I know I hate being ruled by my emotions!!! They can be just as bad as the devil!  LOL


And remember, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Meaning, yes, if you’ve been good have a brownie and some whole milk in your coffee! Just not the whole pan of brownies…



Yup, a woman who knows who she is in Christ is beautiful lacking nothing. One of my top 5 scriptures is Romans 8:31, “What shall we say about such wonderful things as these?  If God is for us, then who can ever be against us.”  I love the emphasis on “ever”. It doesn’t simply say who can be against us; it says who can EVER be against us. Simply implying who would ever be stupid enough to stand up to a woman or man of God who knows who they are in Christ! And pray, babe. That’s God’s wonderful gift to us. The minute you accepted the perfect love of God through His son was the minute you gained access to possibilities. The Bible clearly states that prayer is a tool for us to better enjoy life. I mean, hello, you get to ask God for favor, healing, wisdom, great friends, opportunity and so much more!!! Use it like a boss, babe!


  1. LEARN & GROW 

Stay teachable and humble. Don’t ever think you’ve arrived. I can’t tell you how repelling it is to be around people that think they are too good for growth. Listen babe, life is a journey and if you can keep a teachable, open heart then you will win the love and hope of all those around you. Believe me, they’ll be praying for you even behind closed doors!



Now there’s nothing wrong with a little this and a little that but don’t let every aspect of you have to be done up. One of my fav things about myself is that I don’t wear makeup except on special occasions or to events. But I am a platinum blonde and honestly feel the color suits my personality much better than my natural color of dirty blond. Choose a couple things but not everything. You don’t want to have to completely change who you are to where you can’t leave the house unless it’s all done. Find your favorite things about yourself and emphasize on them. If it’s style, then be as stylish as possible. If it’s hair, be as creative or timeless as ever. Keep it simple and love who you are. Getting ready shouldn’t take 4 hours. 😘


Remember, these are things that work for me. Find your own groove. It might be this, some or none but whatever it is — do it like a boss!


With love always



Stay Classy Ladies!

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