You’re Not Alone…

Hello Hot-Mess-Mamas,
Here’s a fun post for you. If you’re a mom then you know not everything goes as planned. So here are just a couple #momfails I’ve had this week. P.S. Don’t take life too seriously, you’ve got to be able to laugh when you goof up 👍. 

1. I spelled comment wrong on a work assignment. Instead I put “commets”… can you imagine asking people for commets. 😂

2. I overslept past 8am. My son is supposed to start class at 8am. 😅

3. I must have stubbed my toe ten times and think my nail is going to fall off. 

4. I left out a brand new milk jug all night long. 😑

5. I washed my son’s school clothes with a rug therefore I’m having to use a lint roller on everything to get the rug off his clothes.
Bonus: the rug was red. 🤗 

Happy weekend loves. Remember to laugh, step back and smile. Tomorrow is a new day! Be filled with grace, patience and ask the Lord for a lighter heart. We mamas need it! 

I’d love to hear your mishaps or epic fails this past week. Let’s learn to roll them off like a boss and go at it again not too upset 😉. Xoxo 

Always Nic 

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