4 Things to Plan Ahead That Your Kids Will Thank You for When They’re Grown

I remember when my little Boo was in my belly and I was dreaming of his future. Then I thought back to how my mom had saved all my brother’s Match Box cars and GI Joes and some of my favorite stuffed animals and baby blankets for when we got older. I remember how excited we were looking through all of our baby things. It inspired me to plan and save to make my monkey’s future bright. So far, I’ve come up with a few special ways to touch our son’s future.

1.       Birthday Keepsakes. A friend told me about this long ago. Take a freezer sized Ziploc bag and save a plate (if themed), a napkin, a picture of them on their birthday, and the candle. Mark the Birthday age on the bag for every year and keep them.  What a cute memory for them to look back on.

2.       Timeline Journal. I made a PowerPoint for my munchkin, but you can make a scrapbook, or even make some photo books from a company like Shutterfly (they have great coupons for free books sometimes). For the first two years, I did a page for each month. After that, I switch to a page per year with highlights of the year like vacations, favorite things, milestones, funny quotes he’s said, etc.

3.       Save that Money! Start a savings account for them. If you put away $25 a month away for them that will be $5,400 by the time they turn 18. If you can afford to put $20 a week aside that ends up being $18, 720 by the time they turn 18. That’s a nice little chunk of change to go towards a car or to jumpstart their college fund. Speaking of college funds, there’s lots of options to consider if that’s what you want to save the money for. You could look into Florida Prepaid Program (which locks in the cost of the tuition), or a 529 savings fund with linked credit cards (it’s kind of like cash back credit cards but instead of getting the cash back, the money is transferred to the 529 college savings account). There’s different advantages and limitations to wach option depending on the state you live in. I’m certainly not a financial expert so do your own research before deciding the best option for your family.  

4.       Make a Will. I know this one is kind of a downer but it is important. No one wants to think about the possibility of not being there for your children, but it is a real possibility. Tomorrow is promised to no one. God-forbid something happen to you, the least you can do for your children is to make sure to have the proper provisions in place for them. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but it’s better safe than sorry.

I’d love to hear your plans and ideas on how to bless your little ones. Share some of your ideas in the comments! Thanks!

Lots of Love,


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