7 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To A Diva Cup

Ladies… it’s about to get real! This post is all about that time we love to hate. So about 9 months ago, I did a lot of research and decided to try switching from traditional feminine hygiene products to a menstrual cup. Girls, can I just tell you…The Diva cup changed my life! I will never go back! There are many different brands of menstrual cups on the market but, for all intents and purposes, in this post I will just refer collectively to silicone menstrual cups as “The Diva Cup”. It seems to be the most popular and readily available in stores, and it’s the one I purchased. So here are some reasons why you should seriously consider making the switch!

  1. The Diva Cup keeps your who-ha chemical-free. Pads and tampons are filled with chemicals that you’re either sticking up or sticking on your most delicate parts. They’re bleached to be made super white & filled with carcinogens that are absorbed through your largest organ -your skin. Studies proving the safety of feminine hygiene products are being largely questioned because they study short-term use not use over the decades that we ladies use them. The argument that our moms and grand moms used them and never had any long-term effects doesn’t hold up. In the ever changing, ever “improving” day and age we live companies are constantly adding things to their products to try to “improve” them making them a completely different product than anything that has been used safely, long-term, in the past.
  2. The Diva Cup leaves you with less trips to the bathroom and less interruptions. The Diva Cup holds way more than a tampon or pad with no leakage; 5 times more to be exact! Let me tell you, most my days are medium to light but my two middle days are like a full on massacre! The Diva Cup has my back… or my front lol (a little disgusting humor for ya). It also doesn’t need to be changed as much. You can go up to 12 hours on a light to medium day between emptying if need be.
  3. You can take it in and out anytime, anywhere. When you put a tampon in, you are committed. You can’t remove a fresh tampon for a certain amount of time unless you want to remove a few layers of lady skin along with the tampon. That limits certain spontaneous activities that married couples like to engage in. However, if the mood strikes and one just placed a Diva cup, it just slides right out with no damage and no waiting.
  4. The Diva Cup saves you money! The Diva cup runs about $30. They recommend replacing it once a year but most menstrual cup companies say they last a lifetime unless they become damaged for some reason. Mine is 9 months old and looks perfectly fine so I have no intention of replacing it anytime soon. Even if you did replace them once a year, it still pays for itself in a few months compared to the price of tampons and pads. Which brings me to reason 5…
  5. There’s nothing to run out of. No asking friends to borrow a pad or tampon or running to the convenience store at inconvenient hours because you ran out of supplies. One purchase is all the supplies you need for the year (or years to come).
  6. Diva Cups have way less yuck factor. Yes, you do need to get your hands dirty to change it, but that is a few minor seconds in your day. Compare that to an entire day of feeling mushy and gushy if you wear pads. Or worrying that if you laugh too hard or sit down too hard your tampon will release the flood gates and you’ll have to spend the rest of the day with a jacket tied around your waist. When I wear a Diva Cup I seriously don’t feel like I have my period at all (until I have to change it lol but thankfully I only have to change it a fraction of the time compared to pads and tampons).
  7. The Diva Cup is environmentally friendly. I know I’m the save the animals, save the planet, vegan one -of course I had to throw this one in there. But the environment is important to me and it should be important to you also! We need a place to leave our kids and grandkids. The average woman uses over 12,000 sanitary products over her period years. There’s about 3.52 BILLION women on the planet (2014) … That’s A LOT of waste! So, use a menstrual cup and recycle dang it!!!!

Let’s not be ridiculous not everything is daisies and roses, especially when it comes to our lady-time. There are some cons to be mentioned but in this chic’s opinion they are FAR outweighed by the benefits.

  • Con: There is a learning curve so it might not be the most comfortable thing in the world the first few times you put it in and take it out until you get the hang of it (think back to your first few times figuring out how to use tampons -same deal).
    • Tip: Insert it in a sitting or squatting position for the first few times until you become a pro.
  • Con: As I mentioned before, you do need to remove and replace it with your hands but it might not be as messy as you’re imagining. Remember the cup does create a suction that catches the mess so it’s not like your sticking your hands up into gushing wound.
    • Tip: Change it during your shower. That keeps your hands clean for at least one changing a day.
  • Con:  On your heavy days you may still want to wear a panty liner to protect your underwear from stray spotting.
    • Tip: Natracare and Whole Foods 365 Brand has some great natural ones with less chemicals and unnecessary additives.
  • Con: The cup might not be a great option for you if you don’t have daily access to a private bathroom or a bathroom that has a sink in the stall.
    • Tip: In those circumstances, bring a wet paper towel with you into the stall to wipe it out and reinsert. It is ideal to wash it with a mild soap during changings but not necessary every single time.

I hope you all will open your mind (and your V) to try out new things and make the switch to a menstrual cup. You may just end up wondering how you ever survived without one.

Lots of love,


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