It’s Not Your Past He’s After…

“The attacks on your life have more to do with who you might be in the future than who you have been in the past.”

– Lisa Bevere

I have a past–you have a past. Broken dreams, shattered hopes, failed attempts…Too many of us disqualify ourselves before we even start because of problems that seem to overwhelm us. You have a purpose, a destiny; a calling. You also have an enemy who is out to keep you from becoming what he already knows you are inside– and it’s not behind, but ahead of you. He is running scared—he will do whatever it takes to bring down what you are capable of building. The past is done, so stop thinking it still matters. Your potential is your most powerful–yet vulnerable– asset to your life at this very moment. Satan will fight for that precious commodity with all he has. He knows how powerful you are when you live out God’s calling for your life, and it’s to his demise. So when the attacks come, just know that something great is ahead that the enemy doesn’t want you to see. Fight that much harder for it!



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