Strong Women

In a recent series of sermons at our church, our Pastor said you should be growing up, and growing out of things. It’s so true! How silly would it look if a grown woman flung herself on the floor and had a temper tantrum in the middle of a store because she didn’t get what she wanted. No, children do that but as you grow up, you grow out of those childish ways and behaviors. You learn internally that is not an appropriate response outwardly.  It’s time for us to grow into the women God has called us to be. And if we are growing in our hearts and minds, internally, an outward change should be reflected in our actions and behaviors. God created women to be an answer! To complete what was lacking. So let’s stop participating in the problems and start completing his plan! Go out and conquer you Monday!



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  1. donna debehnke says:

    loved reading this today!! Great word for all of us to remember to “keep on growing”. We have so much to do!


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