The Future Is Bright!

These guys are going to do great things! A lot of people say cutsie things like that but I’m not just saying it. I KNOW it! As surely as I’m breathing right now, I know it. How? Because God gave us promises in the Bible and I stand on those promises and I declare them over the children in my life. Did you know you can pray and intercede on your children’s behalf? I pray over these two, my other friend’s kids, and all of my nieces & nephews daily. I prayed over my son in the womb. I pray that they would have long lives full of God’s promises. I pray for divine protection wrapped about them where ever they go. I pray that sickness cannot come upon their bodies. I pray that they would be deaf to the lies of the enemy, that they will be strong and courageous, and men and women after God’s own heart. I pray that they will be full of wisdom and knowledge, led by the Lord, and no devil in hell will keep them from walking out God’s plan for their life. I pray for amazing future spouses that will guide them in their growth and they will have blessed marriages. I pray for grace and wisdom in raising them and that my husband and I provide a good example to follow. 

I encourage you to pray and speak blessing over your children’s lives. Do it in front of them! I put my hands on my son’s head and speak blessings over him all the time. It’s good for them to see what you believe for them and that you and God are fighting for them. God has given you power to intercede for your children! What an incredible gift! Do not waste it! If you’re new to the Bible and you don’t know some of the promises, here is a great list you can save and start declaring in prayer and faith over the children in your life.

All my love,


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