Consistency is Key

Successful people are not those who are necessarily motivated all the time—they are those who are consistent in their motivation.

No one ever “feels like” doing the hard things that it takes to obtain the desired result. You have to focus on the fact that making it a consistent habit (sticking with it–no exceptions) will breed noticeable results. Thinking “you should do something” verses making it a “must” makes a big difference when you are debating in your mind whether or not to stick to the good habit! Make your “musts” a standard of living.

Every weekday morning I wake up at 5:30 AM to workout. The first thing I tell myself before I even have time to think about going back to sleep is, “Consistency is key! I have to do this if I want to lose weight and feel great!” ” I literally pop out of bed and I start my day off right.

What goals are you trying to accomplish? Results will come when you are consistent in action. Make standards and commit to stick with it! Wake up every day reminding yourself that consistency is key to unlocking your goals!

Happy Monday!


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